Histidine Buffer Calculator

A Histidine buffer solution is commonly used in biochemistry and molecular biology laboratories to maintain a stable pH level. Calculating the concentration of such a buffer is essential for experimental procedures requiring precise pH conditions.

The concentration of a Histidine buffer (C) can be calculated using the following formula:
C = (Volume * Molarity) / Weight

How to Use

  1. Input the volume of the buffer solution in liters.
  2. Enter the molarity of the buffer solution in molar units.
  3. Provide the weight of the Histidine compound used in grams.
  4. Click on the “Calculate” button to obtain the concentration of the Histidine buffer.

Suppose we have a Histidine buffer solution with a volume of 1 liter, a molarity of 0.1 M, and the weight of Histidine compound used is 15 grams. By using the calculator, the concentration of the Histidine buffer would be calculated as follows:
C = (1 * 0.1) / 15 = 0.0067 M


  1. What is a Histidine buffer?
    A Histidine buffer is a solution used to maintain a stable pH level, commonly employed in biological and biochemical experiments.
  2. Why is Histidine buffer used?
    Histidine buffers are preferred in biochemical studies due to their ability to maintain pH near physiological levels.
  3. How do I prepare a Histidine buffer?
    Dissolve the appropriate amount of Histidine in water, adjusting the pH with acid or base as needed.
  4. What pH does Histidine buffer?
    The pH range of a Histidine buffer typically falls within 6.0 to 8.0, depending on the concentration.
  5. Can Histidine buffer be autoclaved?
    Yes, Histidine buffer solutions can generally withstand autoclaving.
  6. Is Histidine buffer reversible?
    Histidine buffers are reversible and can be adjusted to both higher and lower pH levels.
  7. What concentration of Histidine buffer is commonly used?
    Concentrations of Histidine buffer often range from 0.01 M to 0.1 M for biological applications.
  8. Can Histidine buffer be stored long-term?
    Yes, Histidine buffer solutions can be stored at appropriate temperatures for extended periods.
  9. Can Histidine buffer be used in protein purification?
    Yes, Histidine buffers are commonly used in affinity chromatography for protein purification.
  10. Is Histidine buffer suitable for cell culture?
    Histidine buffer can be used for cell culture, but its suitability depends on the specific requirements of the experiment and cell type.

The Histidine Buffer Calculator provides a convenient way to determine the concentration of a Histidine buffer solution, facilitating accurate preparation for biochemical experiments. By inputting the volume, molarity, and weight, researchers can quickly obtain the desired buffer concentration, ensuring reliable experimental results.