Sailrite Fabric Calculator

Whether you’re embarking on a sewing project or upholstering furniture, determining the amount of fabric required is essential for a successful outcome. The Sailrite Fabric Calculator emerges as a valuable tool, offering seamstresses, DIY enthusiasts, and professionals a convenient way to estimate fabric needs accurately. Let’s dive into the world of fabric calculations and discover the significance of this versatile calculator.


The Sailrite Fabric Calculator plays a pivotal role in ensuring that sewing and upholstery projects proceed smoothly and efficiently. By accurately calculating the amount of fabric needed, users can avoid wastage, minimize costs, and achieve precise results. Whether crafting garments, home décor items, or reupholstering furniture, having the right amount of fabric is crucial for achieving a professional finish and avoiding last-minute fabric shortages.

How to Use

Using the Sailrite Fabric Calculator is simple and intuitive, even for beginners. Follow these steps to calculate the amount of fabric required for your project:

  1. Enter the Length: Input the length of the fabric needed in inches into the designated field.
  2. Enter the Height: Specify the height of the fabric required in inches.
  3. Enter the Width: Input the width of the fabric in inches.
  4. Click Calculate: Once all dimensions are entered, click the “Calculate” button to determine the amount of fabric needed.

The calculator will then apply the Sailrite formula to calculate the total fabric area required in square yards based on the provided measurements.

10 FAQs and Answers

1. What types of projects can the Sailrite Fabric Calculator be used for?

The Sailrite Fabric Calculator is suitable for a wide range of sewing and upholstery projects, including clothing, curtains, cushions, bedding, and more.

2. How accurate is the Sailrite Fabric Calculator?

The Sailrite Fabric Calculator provides accurate estimates based on the dimensions entered. However, factors such as seam allowances and pattern repeats should be considered for precise measurements.

3. Can the calculator handle irregular shapes?

While the calculator assumes rectangular fabric pieces, it can still provide a close estimate for irregular shapes by inputting the longest dimensions.

4. Does the calculator account for pattern repeats?

No, the calculator does not directly account for pattern repeats. Users may need to adjust their fabric calculations accordingly based on the specific pattern and repeat size.

5. Can the calculator be used for metric measurements?

While the default input is in inches, users can convert metric measurements to inches before entering them into the calculator for accurate results.

6. How do I account for seam allowances?

To accommodate seam allowances, consider adding extra inches to the length, height, or width measurements before using the calculator.

7. Is the Sailrite Fabric Calculator suitable for upholstery projects?

Yes, the Sailrite Fabric Calculator is ideal for estimating fabric requirements for upholstery projects, such as reupholstering chairs, sofas, and cushions.

8. Can the calculator be used for outdoor fabric projects?

Yes, the Sailrite Fabric Calculator can be used for both indoor and outdoor fabric projects, including patio furniture cushions, awnings, and outdoor curtains.

9. What if I need to calculate fabric for multiple pieces?

For projects requiring fabric for multiple pieces, calculate the fabric needed for each piece separately and then sum the total yardage.

10. Are there any limitations to using the Sailrite Fabric Calculator?

While the Sailrite Fabric Calculator provides accurate estimates for rectangular fabric pieces, it may not be suitable for highly complex or irregularly shaped projects that require precise measurements.


In conclusion, the Sailrite Fabric Calculator serves as an indispensable tool for sewers, upholsterers, and DIY enthusiasts alike, offering a convenient way to estimate fabric needs accurately. By providing quick and reliable calculations, this calculator empowers users to plan their projects effectively, minimize waste, and achieve professional results with confidence. Whether tackling small-scale sewing projects or large upholstery undertakings, the Sailrite Fabric Calculator is a valuable asset that simplifies the process of determining fabric requirements and enhances the overall success of creative endeavors.