Scrub Radius Calculator

In the intricate world of automotive engineering, the Scrub Radius Calculator emerges as a key player, offering enthusiasts and professionals alike a tool to delve into the nuances of wheel dynamics. Unraveling the mysteries behind scrub radius, this calculator becomes a compass for those navigating the complexities of vehicle handling.


Precision in Wheel Alignment

The scrub radius refers to the distance between the tire’s contact point with the road and the projected point where the kingpin axis intersects the road. A well-calculated scrub radius ensures optimal wheel alignment, reducing tire wear and improving overall handling.

Enhancing Steering Response

Understanding and adjusting the scrub radius allows for fine-tuning of steering response. This, in turn, impacts the vehicle’s ability to respond to driver inputs, providing a more controlled and predictable driving experience.

How to Use

Utilizing the Scrub Radius Calculator is a straightforward process:

  1. Wheel Offset (mm): Input the wheel offset, which is the distance between the wheel’s centerline and the mounting surface.
  2. Suspension Hub/Spindle Centerline 1 (mm): Enter the measurement from the suspension hub or spindle centerline to the wheel’s centerline on one side.
  3. Suspension Hub/Spindle Centerline 2 (mm): Repeat the process for the other side.
  4. Click Calculate: Hit the button, and the calculator reveals the scrub radius.

10 FAQs and Answers

1. Why is scrub radius important?

  • Scrub radius influences tire wear, steering response, and overall handling. A well-balanced scrub radius enhances vehicle performance.

2. Can I adjust the scrub radius on my vehicle?

  • In some cases, yes. It depends on the suspension design and available adjustments. Consult your vehicle’s specifications.

3. What happens if the scrub radius is too large?

  • A large scrub radius may lead to increased steering effort, reduced stability, and uneven tire wear. It’s crucial to find the optimal balance.

4. How does the scrub radius affect handling?

  • The scrub radius plays a role in steering feel and responsiveness. A well-matched scrub radius contributes to precise and predictable handling.

5. Can the calculator be used for both front and rear wheels?

  • The calculator primarily focuses on the front wheels, as they have a more direct impact on steering dynamics.

6. Does a zero scrub radius mean optimal performance?

  • Not necessarily. The ideal scrub radius varies based on the vehicle’s design and intended use.

7. Is a negative scrub radius acceptable?

  • It can be, but it requires careful consideration of other factors. Negative scrub radius may affect handling characteristics.

8. How often should I check the scrub radius?

  • It’s advisable to check the scrub radius when making suspension modifications or if you experience handling issues.

9. Can the scrub radius impact tire longevity?

  • Yes, an improper scrub radius can contribute to uneven tire wear. Maintaining the recommended scrub radius helps extend tire life.

10. Is the Scrub Radius Calculator suitable for DIY enthusiasts?

  • Absolutely! The user-friendly interface makes it accessible for enthusiasts seeking to optimize their vehicle’s performance.


As we wrap up our journey through the realm of the Scrub Radius Calculator, it becomes evident that this tool is more than just numbers and measurements. It’s a gateway to a smoother, more responsive driving experience. Whether you’re a seasoned automotive engineer or a passionate DIY enthusiast, understanding and optimizing your vehicle’s scrub radius opens up a world of possibilities, where precision meets performance on every twist and turn of the road.